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WC3ISK - Thay Đổi phím tắt cho war3


The file wc3isk.exe, wc3isk.rar that uploaded to MediaFile, FileFront (or any other sites) are OLD version and NOT uploaded by me. These files may contain malware or virus, worms… Just be careful with those files which NOT come from my blog. Remember to check the file size and MD5 of the rar file. The newest rar file is just about 47.7 KBs and exe file is about 92 KBs.

- New hot-key engine that support chatting.
- Detect Alt-F4.
- Hot-key works with Shift - way point function (Eg: Shift-Q with Q is hot-key for slot 7)
- Default hot-key that turn Off tool (F8) is changed to F7.

- Descriptions
- Features
- Note
- License
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- History

Wc3isk or Warcraft III Inventory Short Key is a support tool for warcraft III. The other name of this tool is Active Inventory HotKey. This tool is just like a keyboard driver, not like other tools, it does not hack into Warcraft III. So, it is safe to use with or Garena.

- Support Multimedia Keyboard and Gaming Keyboard.
- Support 5-buttons Wheel Mouse.
- Support wheel scroll as hot-key.
- Support chatting (native) (v2.1 or newer).
- Work like a keyboard driver.
- Allow to disable annoying WIN button.
- Does not hack into Warcraft III or Garena.
- Legal to all Anti-Virus.
- Only one single file, extract and run.
- Very Small (77KBs).

- Config dialog auto show up when running program for the first time.
- Keyboard control software (eg: Setpoint, itouch…) should be turn off.
- Keyboard Hot-key ON/OFF (F7) can be changed.
- You can press hot-key while holding Shift for way point function.
- Enable Wheel support will also lock scroll wheel.
- In Windows Vista/7, Wc3isk must run under administrator privilege (Run as Administrator).
- Alt-F4 is reserved for fast closing.
- To know which keys are available for hot-key, please read “Readme.txt”.
- Annoying balloon tips can be disabled in tab “Info…”.
- Series v2.1 are special builds for DoTA, maybe incompatible with other maps.
- Version for x86 system will also work in x64 system but it comes with some unexpected bugs.

There is no specific license apply to this program, but when you are using or distributing this program, please follow these rules:
- This program is not for trading, selling or any commercial purpose. If you pay for it, get refund.
- Do not hex, dis-assembly, modify… the executable file.
- When you upload to another host, please add some information like author, version, release day…
- When you introduce this tool in forums or at your personal web page, please add a small link point to this page.

t_wc3isk21ab.png t_wc3isk21kb.png t_wc3isk21ms.png t_wc3isk21ic.png


wc3isk v2.1 RC6-Release Mar-15-2011.
-Fix silly mouse bug ‘out side’ war3, occur in wc3isk v2.1 rc5
-Fix mouse hotkey serious bug (one mouse click and there goes 16 times hotkey)
-Fix button [`].
-Fix minor bugs in key/mouse capture engine.
-V2.1 series are special builds for DoTA, other map may be incompatible.
wc3isk v2.1 RC4-Release May-21-2010.
-Re-construct the whole key capture engine.
-Make new rules on assigning hot-key.
-Support chatting (native).
-Minor tweaks on GUI.
-Put option Show Config on start.
-Minor tweaks on mouse capture.
-Bugs fix in wc3isk v2.1 rc3.
-Fix minor bug in chatting and in new key capture engine.
-V2.1 series are special builds for DoTA, other map may be incompatible.
wc3isk v2.0+-Release April-11-2010.
-Core engine from v2.1 RC2
-Remove chat support feature to make it compatible with all maps.
wc3isk v2.0f-Release on Dec-1-2009.
-Already known as final version.
-Windows 7 supported.
-Update some minor functions.
-Auto acquire Admin Privilege (use with Garena).
wc3isk v2.0d-Release on Jun-16-2009.
-Fix Keyboard Hot-key bugs in v2.0c.
-Fix Wheel issues.
-Add function: “Enable Mouse Support” for who want mouse capture.
-Improve Mouse capture engine.
-Add function: “Disable Wheel Scroll”.
-F8 - Toggle ON/OFF keyboard Hot-key.
wc3isk v1.0d-Release on May-23-2009.
-ESC will now cancel assign key.
-Fix some issues when assign one key to more than one button.
-Decrease picture size by convert to JPEG and load with JPEG support lib.
-Improve key detect engine.
-Support multimedia keyboard.
-Fix some minor issues.
-Tweak on executable file size.
wc3isk v1.0:-Release in Oct-2007.
-The first stable version.

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